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The Metadata server manages the Machine metadata. In terms of Talos (the OS on which the Kubernetes cluster is formed), this is the “machine config”, which is used during the automated installation.

Talos Machine Configuration

The configuration of each machine is constructed from a number of sources:

  • The Talos bootstrap provider.
  • The Cluster of which the Machine is a member.
  • The ServerClass which was used to select the Server into the Cluster.
  • Any Server-specific patches.

The base template is constructed from the Talos bootstrap provider, using data from the associated Cluster manifest. Then, any configuration patches are applied from the ServerClass and Server.

Only configuration patches are allowed in the ServerClass and Server resources. These patches take the form of an RFC 6902 JSON (or YAML) patch. An example of the use of this patch method can be found in Patching Guide.

Also note that while a Server can be a member of any number of ServerClasses, only the ServerClass which is used to select the Server into the Cluster will be used for the generation of the configuration of the Machine. In this way, Servers may have a number of different configuration patch sets based on which Cluster they are in at any given time.