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A guide describing upgrades

Upgrading a running workload cluster or management plane is the same process as describe in the Talos documentation.

To upgrade the Talos OS, see here.

In order to upgrade Kubernetes itself, see here.

Upgrading Talos 0.8 -> 0.9

It is important, however, to take special consideration for upgrades of the Talos v0.8.x series to v0.9.x. Because of the move from self-hosted control plane to static pods, some certificate information has changed that needs to be manually updated. The steps are as follows:

  • Upgrade a single control plane node to the v0.9.x series using the upgrade instructions above. upgrade

  • After upgrade, carry out a talosctl convert-k8s to move from the self-hosted control plane to static pods.

  • Targeting the upgraded node, issue talosctl read -n <node-ip> /system/state/config.yaml and copy out the cluster.aggregatorCA and cluster.serviceAccount sections.

  • In the management cluster, issue kubectl edit secret <cluster-name>-talos.

  • While in editing view, copy the data.certs field and decode it with echo '<certs-content>' | base64 -d

Note: It may also be a good idea to copy the secret in its entirety as a backup. This can be done with a simple kubectl get secret <cluster-name>-talos -o yaml.

  • Copying the output above to a text editor, update the aggregator and service account sections with the certs and keys copied previously and save it. The resulting file should look like:
  crt: xxx
  key: xxx
  crt: xxx
  key: xxx
  crt: xxx
  key: xxx
  crt: xxx
  key: xxx
  key: xxx
  crt: xxx
  key: xxx
  • Re-encode the data with cat <saved-file> | base64 | tr -d '\n'

  • With the secret still open for editing, update the data.certs field to contain the new base64 data.

  • Edit the cluster’s TalosControlPlane resource with kubectl edit tcp <name-of-control-plane>. Update the spec.controlPlaneConfig.[controlplane,init].talosVersion fields to be v0.9.

  • Edit any TalosConfigTemplate resources and update spec.template.spec.talosVersion to be the same value.

  • At this point, any new controlplane or worker machines should receive the newer machine config format and join the cluster successfully. You can also proceed to upgrade existing nodes.