Version v0.5 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

What's New

Cluster API v1.x (v1beta1)

This release of Sidero brings compatibility with CAPI v1.x (v1beta1).

Cluster Template

Sidero ships with new cluster template without init nodes. This template is only compatible with Talos >= 0.14 (it requires SideroLink feature which was introduced in Talos 0.14).

On upgrade, Sidero supports clusters running Talos < 0.14 if they were created before the upgrade. Use legacy template to deploy clusters with Talos < 0.14.

New MetalMachines Conditions

New set of conditions is now available which can simplify cluster troubleshooting:

  • TalosConfigLoaded is set to false when the config load has failed.
  • TalosConfigValidated is set to false when the config validation fails on the node.
  • TalosInstalled is set to true/false when talos installer finishes.

Requires Talos >= v0.14.

Machine Addresses

Sidero now populates MetalMachine addresses with the ones discovered from Siderolink server events. Which is then propagated to CAPI Machine resources.

Requires Talos >= v0.14.

Sidero now connects to all servers using SideroLink (available only with Talos >= 0.14). This enables streaming of kernel logs and events back to Sidero.

All server logs can now be viewed by getting logs of one of the container of the sidero-controller-manager:

kubectl logs -f -n sidero-system deployment/sidero-controller-manager -c serverlogs


kubectl logs -f -n sidero-system deployment/sidero-controller-manager -c serverevents

iPXE Boot From Disk Method

iPXE boot from disk method can now be set not only on the global level, but also in the Server and ServerClass specs.


IPMI PXE method (UEFI, BIOS) can now be configured with SIDERO_CONTROLLER_MANAGER_IPMI_PXE_METHOD while installing Sidero.

Retry PXE Boot

Sidero server controller now keeps track of Talos installation progress. Now the node will be PXE booted until Talos installation succeeds.